During your trip to Forest City, besides enjoying the duty-free shopping perks, you can also visit nearby malls to purchase local products and souvenirs. This includes Johor premium outlet, Holiday Plaza Johor Bahru, The Mall Mid Valley Southkey, KSL City Mall, and Paradigm Mall. These shopping malls, located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, are ideal destinations for tourists, offering fashion brands, unique products, food, entertainment, and accommodation options. You can indulge in shopping and savor cuisines from different countries and regions. Additionally, the malls feature cinemas, game zones, and restaurants, providing a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience. Whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends, these shopping malls will offer you a pleasant and fulfilling time.

Johor Premium Outlet

Distance from Forest City Marina Hotel: 32 minutes by car Johor Premium Outlet is conveniently located, easily accessible from both Singapore and Johor Bahru. It houses 130 designer brand stores offering a variety of fashion, jewelry, home goods, and specialty items. Discounts ranging from 75% to 35% off are available daily, with brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Armani, and more.

Holiday Plaza Johor Bahru

Distance from Forest City Golf Hotel: 30 minutes by car As one of the oldest shopping centers in Johor Bahru, Holiday Plaza is filled with memories of locals and Singaporeans. From its exterior alone, Holiday Plaza exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. To this day, it still hosts many hair salons, nail salons, clothing stores, tattoo parlors, Parkson department store, vintage CDs, and unique bags. In addition to beauty and entertainment, the current focus of Holiday Plaza is on mobile parts and repairs, making it a paradise for electronics enthusiasts and wholesalers with affordable prices.

The Mall Mid Valley Southkey

Distance from Forest City Marina Hotel: 41 minutes by car Located in Johor Bahru, Mid Valley is a diverse shopping center offering shopping, massages, beauty care, branded goods, children’s entertainment activities, movies, and daily necessities. Mid Valley has something for everyone! It also features numerous cafes and restaurants to choose from. For example, cafes like Secret Recipe provide a place for weary shoppers to relax and enjoy delicious cakes and aromatic coffee. Whether you are alone or with family and friends, Mid Valley offers activities and dining options that suit your preferences, ensuring a pleasant and fulfilling time!

KSL City Mall

Distance from Forest City Golf Hotel: 36 minutes by car KSL City Mall is a place where food, fashion, entertainment, and accommodation converge. It is located in the KSL City area, the largest integrated development in Johor Bahru, and just a 20-minute drive from Legoland and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. The mall features over 500 retail outlets and an 8-hall cinema. Travelers can also enjoy the dinosaur-themed water park with their children and stay at the KSL Hotel.

Paradigm Mall

Distance from Forest City Marina Hotel: 30 minutes by car One of the must-visit places in Johor Bahru is Paradigm Mall, the largest shopping mall in Johor Bahru, featuring a GSC cinema and an indoor ice-skating rink for visitors’ entertainment. Additionally, Paradigm Mall houses well-known stores like Village Grocer and Parkson, catering to various shopping needs. There are also many trendy boutiques offering a wide range of fashion items. Paradigm Mall is a leisure and entertainment destination that combines shopping, movies, ice skating, and fashion trends.


The shopping malls near Forest City include Johor Premium Outlet, Holiday Plaza Johor Bahru, The Mall Mid Valley Southkey, KSL City Mall, and Paradigm Mall. These malls offer a wide range of shops and brands, providing extensive shopping options. Whether you are interested in fashion, home goods, or food, these malls can fulfill your needs.

Holiday Plaza is a diverse shopping center, offering various services and store choices. In addition to hair salons and nail salons, there are fashion clothing stores, tattoo parlors, and a well-known department store – Parkson. There is also a store specializing in vintage CDs and unique bags, allowing customers to find distinctive items. Holiday Plaza provides a range of options for customers, allowing them to shop for various needs.

The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey offers a variety of entertainment activities. Here, you can shop to your heart’s content, enjoy massages and beauty care services, and purchase various branded goods to enhance your shopping experience. Additionally, the mall provides children’s entertainment activities, allowing kids to have fun in the play facilities.