Malaysia Forest City Hotels

Revival of Forest City

Since the stabilization of the pandemic in 2022, Forest City by Country Garden located near the second checkpoint between Singapore and Malaysia is gradually regaining its former vibrancy. Forest City Commercial Street and the seaside beach host various themed events each month, such as car tail markets, pet playgrounds, and Halloween parties, becoming popular weekend destinations for local residents. Especially during the summer of 2022, influenced by the high temperatures, the water park has become the most popular amusement activity. Forest City continues to enhance its facilities and services as the Malaysian tourism industry further grows, including the Forest City Transportation Hub with shuttle buses connecting multiple attractions throughout the project.

Growth of Malaysia Tourism

After the pandemic, China has reopened outbound group tourism and listed Malaysia as one of the first destinations. Malaysia, known for its natural beauty, unique cuisine, and multicultural experiences, is a country that can satisfy both nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is expected to become the top choice for Chinese tourists. Malaysia’s cultural heritage and historical sites are also must-visit places, where visitors can explore ancient temples, palaces, and landmarks to experience Malaysia’s rich history and culture. Additionally, Malaysia offers many beautiful beaches and resorts for visitors to relax, enjoy the sun, and engage in beach activities.

Two Renowned Hotels in Forest City

Forest City boasts two renowned hotels, namely the Forest City Marina Hotel located near the Singapore and Malaysia coastlines and the Forest City Golf Hotel situated in the golf eco-resort. The Marina Hotel is a luxury hotel with 283 deluxe rooms and 132 hotel-style apartments, equipped with comprehensive facilities. The Golf Hotel is situated in the heart of three 18-hole golf courses, offering 305 well-equipped rooms and excellent meeting facilities. Both hotels provide exceptional services and experiences to cater to the diverse needs of visitors.


Forest City is a city located in a beautiful natural environment and features two renowned hotels, the Marina Hotel and the Golf Hotel. The Marina Hotel enjoys stunning views of the coastline, providing comfortable accommodations and premium services. The Golf Hotel, on the other hand, is located amidst greenery and golf courses, providing an ideal accommodation choice for golf enthusiasts. Both hotels offer a wide range of facilities and entertainment activities for guests to enjoy the natural beauty and have a relaxing and memorable vacation.

Forest City Commercial Street and the seaside beach host various interesting themed activities every month, allowing both tourists and local residents to enjoy a diverse range of entertainment and leisure activities. These activities include concerts, art exhibitions, cooking competitions, handicraft workshops, and more. Whether you are interested in music, art, food, or handicrafts, you can find something to suit your preferences here.

The hotels in Forest City are renowned for their exceptional services and unique experiences. Whether you want to embark on outdoor adventures in the beautiful natural surroundings or indulge in relaxation at luxurious spa centers, Forest City hotels can meet your expectations. Additionally, the hotels offer a variety of dining options, ranging from local specialties to international cuisine, to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you are on vacation or a business trip, the hotels in Forest City will leave you with unforgettable memories.



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